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    Introducere in programare cu Ioana Imbuzean

    Acest curs de programare acreditat de Ministerul Muncii, ti-ar putea furniza cea mai eficienta introducere in programare si in lumea software-ului, oferindu-ti cunostinte teoretice de baza, multe exercitii practice, probleme de rezolvat si tehnici pentru a lucra cu un proiect in domeniul IT.

    Obiectivul cursului este sa iti asigure baza stabila de cunostinte teoretice despre programare in general, cat si despre limbajul Java in special. La sfarsitul cursului, pe langa diploma acreditata de Ministerul Muncii, vei fi in stare sa programezi in Java si iti va deschide calea pentru o angajare la o firma IT. Cunostintele teoretice despre programare iti vor da o baza buna de pe care vei putea sa continui sa inveti si alte limbaje de programare, cat si tehnici mai avansate de programare.

    Acest curs are loc în timpul săptămânii, lunea, în intervalul 18:30 – 21:30.

    Inscriere disponibila pentru sesiunea august (2018) – ianuarie (2019)


    125 €12 rate
    1500 € INTEGRAL
    Curs Programare + Acreditare

    100 €12 rate
    1200 € INTEGRAL
    Curs Programare

    Vreau sa ma inscriu!

    *10% REDUCERE pentru cei care platesc INTEGRAL (noile preturi: 1350 €, 1080 €)


    Curricula cursului

    LabTopicTools, languages and technologies
    we get in touch
    What you learn practically
    1A picture of the industry
    Introduction to Hardware, Software, Networking, Internet and Cloud
    Introduction in Software Engineering
    Where is Programming in Software Engineering
    Let’s see a modern software delivery pipeline in action
    Let’s hack something using this pipeline
    Automatic setup of your local environment
    Linux, Jenkins, Git, Java, Tomcat, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, IntelliJ IDEA IDE, Hour of Code, Khan Academybuild basic applications in a code simulator
    2Operating Systems
    A crash course on Linux, an operating system you need to know
    A crash course on bash scripting


    Linux, Linux tools and shells, Amazon EC2, SSHbuild useful console applications using Linux tools and bash scripts
    3Working in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    Programming styles like imperative, object oriented,
    declarative and functional
    An introduction to the major programming languages you see aroundSource Control in easy steps
    IntelliJ IDEA, Java, HTML, SQL, Git, GitHubpractice with Git and IntelliJ IDEA on some sample files
    4Programming Fundamentals (presented in Java)
    Algorithms, the heart of programming
    Simple data structures
    Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Gitbuild a simple phone agenda

    build a lotto game

    5Java Programming (methods, packages, classes and objects, using standard or custom packages, unit testing, basics of clean code)

    Let’s change our applications by using methods, classes and objects

    Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, JUnitbuild a new application (each student will receive a business domain)
    6Java Programming (principles of OOP, Exceptions)Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Gitlearning week
    7Java Programming (principles of OOP, Exceptions, java standard packages)Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Gitlearning week
    8Java Programming (Collections, Generics, Input Output, Java Certification Quizzes)

    Let’s apply Collections to build a Lotto game

    Java, IntelliJ IDEA, Gitapply Collections and  I/O to build a more complex application
    Basics of relational databases (objects, structured query language, relations); Introduction to NoSQL databases
    PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL queries, MongoDBmodel a certain business using relational databases
    10Persisting Java objects in a database
    Java Database Connectivity and Java Persistence
    JDBC, JPAbuild an application that make use of persistence using SQL
    11Server side web programming in JavaJava, Java Servlets, Tomcat, Mavenlearning week
    12Adding database support to a server side application All learned so farbuild a server side application that has database persistence
    13Desktop User interfaces (Java Desktop Applications using Swing and Java FX)Java Swing, JavaFXbuild a desktop app
    14Mobile User interfaces (Android)Java, Androidbuild a native mobile app for Android
    15Web User interfaces (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Ajaxbuild a simple static website
    16Web User interfaces; Enhancing any web application by adding Responsive Design jQuery, Twitter Bootstrapbuild a simple but responsive website
    17Software methodologies, with a focus on agile methodologies
    Estimations, planning, Scrum ceremonies
    Working with software testers as a team
    Human Resources Topics: prepare for an interview, interview simulations, personal branding, CV preparation, work ethics, how a programmer grows, professionalism
    JIRA, Scrum, LinkedIncreate your CV, methods to brand yourself
    18Study and enhance a simple web application in Java and JavaScriptAll learned so far, Java Mail,
    Java Threads
    build your own version of the webapp given to you as a recipe
    19Building a simple web application in Java, JavaScript and SQL, continuously delivered in Amazon cloudAll learned so fara new and complete application
    20Build a To Do List web application in Java, JavaScript and SQL, continuously delivered in Amazon cloud;

    Working on our own application/project;

    All learned so fara new and complete application
    21Building a mini blogging web application in Java, JavaScript and SQL, continuously delivered in Amazon cloud;

    Working on our own application/project;

    All learned so fara new and complete application
    22Working on our own application/project; Next steps in learning (Spring family, Spring Boot, Hibernate) All learned so far, Spring, Hibernateyour own application for the final project

    Prezentarea trainerului

    Ioana Imbuzean

     Ioana Imbuzean

    • 17 ani experienta in industria telecom la o companie internationala
    • Software Development /Engineering
    • Team Leadership
    • Training & Mentoring
    • Technical Documentation
    • Software Life Cycle Management
    • Software Change / Configuration
    • Test automation
    • Programare in Erlang, C, C++, Java, Javascript, XML, C#
    • Experienta in Unix, Linux, Windows, RSARTE (UML), GIT, Clearcase, .NET
    • Metodologii: Agile, Lean, PROPS, test-driven implementation
    • Master in Computer Science la Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Suedia

    Am 17 ani experienta lucrand la proiecte software de diferite marimi, in toate fazele, la analiza proiectului, arhitectura, design, implementare, testarea rezultatului, scriind documentatia pentru clienti si pana la faza de mentenanta.
    De cand eram copil m-a fascinat programarea, si interesul s-a mentinut de-a lungul vietii. Cand programezi, poti sa creezi orice poti sa-ti imaginezi. Programarea e o forma de arta. Aceasta pasiune as vrea sa o transmit si altora.

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